This page indexes the reviews I’ve written of various conferences I’ve attended.

That was the last detailed conference write-up I could find the time to do, and by then it was nearly three years backdated so it obviously couldn’t continue thus. Subsequent posts about conferences at least attempted to be more light-touch, and they are these below.

5 responses to “Conferences

  1. Dear Jonathon,

    I’ve organised this free conference (see website) and I’d be grateful if you could notify readers of your blog – there are some great speakers. Might you make it this far north?

    All the best, Clare

    • That website appears to be a Word document, Dr Downham, and the link on this page goes to a different news item. I’ll turn the Word doc. into HTML for reproduction here if that’s OK but perhaps you could comment again, or on the eventual post, with a real website if one is organised? As for me, well, it’s tempting, but several of the same speakers are at St Andrews earlier in the month, and there’s Leeds in between, I don’t think I can take a third weekend away from home and family however much I might want to, sorry!

  2. Dear Jonathon (or perhaps you prefer Dr Jarrett), it is indeed a word document and it can be accessed from here: (Cultural Icons of Medieval Scotland)one day conference.
    This is a more modest affair than the St Andrews conference (Monastereies and Secular authorities in the pre Millenial Medieval World)
    which is a three day event, readers in Scotland may however be interested in both. I shall certainly be attending the St Andrews event which looks excellent.
    All the best, Clare

    • I’m fine with `Jonathan’ as long as it’s spelt right :-) I’ve written an announcement up and will post it in the next few days, and in the slightly longer term, will presumably see you at St Andrews!

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