In marca hispanica (trips one through eight)

Something I should have done some considerable time ago, an index page for the posts I’ve written about my travels to Catalonia as medieval historian. The first trip recorded here was done in March of 2008 with my then-partner cheerfully serving as driver, the second in January 2009 with my pre-teen son in tow, the third solo and wheels-less in May 2011, the fourth similarly for two days only in May 2013 and the fifth, no more extended or enabled, in December 2014. The sixth had wheels and a different partner, happily still current, and took place in late April 2016. Since then visits have been more fly-by-night, but thankfully they are still accumulating!

Trip the First

Here a grateful nod of acknowledgement to Professor Steve Muhlberger, who got tired of waiting for me to mount some kind of index to the posts for this trip and did so himself here; I’ve been linking to that since then and it is long past time it was relieved. Thankyou, Steve! The actual posts were:

  1. In marca hispanica I: Girona
  2. In marca hispanica II: Barcelona from Romans to Gaudí
  3. In marca hispanica III: cartoon nationalism
  4. In marca hispanica IV: Sacalm and Tona and nationalist sentiment 889-2008
  5. In marca hispanica V: Vic, charters, cathedrals, metal bishops and stone slabs
  6. In marca hispanica VI: Plana de Gurb (but not the castle)
  7. In marca hispanica VII: Besalú and its rainy gardens
  8. In marca hispanica VIII: pilgrimage to see Emma
  9. In marca hispanica IX: actual charter scholarship

Trip the Second

  1. In marca hispanica X: Been to Barcelona
  2. In marca hispanica XXI: the palace of Saint Stephen, and others, considerably out of order as you can tell but from this trip

Trip the Third

  1. In marca hispanica XI: climbing castles, in which I finally got to the Castell de Gurb
  2. In marca hispanica XII: do not walk whole valley at once, on a slightly disastrous visit to Vallfogona
  3. In marca hispanica XIII: more stones than parchment, I (Santa Maria de Ripoll)
  4. In marca hispanica XIV: l’Esquerda, city of helpful archæologists
  5. In marca hispanica XV: gratuitous Carolingian church sidetrack, a short diversion to Sant Esteve de Tavèrnoles
  6. In marca hispanica XVI: the actual research target, on Sant Pere de Casserres
  7. In marca hispanica XVII: hidden temples and empty palaces, on Vic
  8. In marca hispanica XVIII: more stones than parchment II (Sant Pere de Vilamajor)
  9. In marca hispanica XIX: a dead count’s church in the Barri Gòtic, on Sant Pau del Camp, Barcelona
  10. In marca hispanica XX: actual archive stuff, on a visit to the Archivo de la Corona de Aragón and the fruits thereof

Trip the Fourth

  1. In marca hispanica XXII: how hard can it be to get at an actual charter?, on the Archivo again and the difference in accessibility between it and other archives in Barcelona
  2. In marca hispanica XXIII: a walk across Barcelona, on the journey between the Archivo and another archive in Barcelona…
  3. In marca hispanica XXIV: still welcome in Vic, on archive access and unexpected giants back in Vic

Trip the Fifth

  1. In Marca Hispanica XXV: la meva primera adreça publica en català, a trip to Barcelona to make a speech in the local language, quite the challenge
  2. In Marca Hispanica XXVI: in, but not inside, Montserrat, an attempt to gain access to the monastic archive completely waylaid by scenery
  3. In Marca Hispanica XXVII: a bigger castle than usual, on a brief and only partly successful visit to the Castell de Montjuïc in Barcelona

Trip the Sixth

  1. In Marca Hispanica XXVIII: three castles in one day, part 1 – Gurb again, a return to the Castell de Gurb with a second pair of eyes and a better camera
  2. In Marca Hispanica XXIX: three castles in one day, part 2 – Taradell, a new castle for the collection in a fairly amazing setting
  3. In Marca Hispanica XXX: three castles in one day, part 3 – Tona, a revisit to an old haunt with new questions and a gratuitous photo opportunity
  4. In Marca Hispanica XXXI: contacts, changes of plan and a main-street hermitage, on a visit to Bellvitge and its almost-sole medieval remain
  5. In Marca Hispanica XXXII: coastal Gothic, in which I rave about Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona
  6. In Marca Hispanica XXXIII: my questions answered, on a trip to my favourite archive and its fruits
  7. In Marca Hispanica XXXIV: parts of Vic previously unreached, a few pictures of parts of the Catedral de Vic I hadn’t been in before and some that I had
  8. In Marca Hispanica XXXV: new archæology at l’Esquerda, as the title suggests a fresh visit to l’Esquerda, my most significant fortress site, to see the new relevations there under expert guidance on the very last part of this trip

Trip the Seventh

A short visit for personal reasons in June 2017, with no academic purpose, out of which I still apparently got two medievalist photo posts, as follows.

  1. What should have been In Marca Hispanica XXXVI, Second Try at Sant Esteve de Palautordera, a further attempt to capture the most medieval structure in the town of Palautordera
  2. What actually became In Marca Hispanica XXXVI: Castell de Montclus, a bit of the castle-climbing and architecture-decoding for which my visits to the March are now infamous

Trip the Eighth

In July 2018 a rare – and in the end only – chance arose to meet up with one of my international collaborators, who was visiting Montserrat in pursuit of esoteric knowledge, not an unreasonable thing to do once you’ve seen it. Because flying was still cheap then (except for the planet) I leapt at the chance actually to meet him, but this also meant being in Montserrat, and one or two other places, with a camera. These were the results:

  1. Flying Visit to Montserrat, I: Santa Cecília, on what has happened to the monastery which began the settlement here
  2. Flying Visit to Montserrat II: the place itself, on a weather-damped attempt to explore the paths along the mountaintop above Santa Maria de Montserrat
  3. Flying Visit to Montserrat III: Manresa by night, documenting an unsuccessful evening attempt to get fed in Manresa that still produced some good pictures

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