In the summer of 2018 this medievalist made his first trip to India. Many photos resulted, although whether they contain medieval things hangs on the answer to a reasonable set of questions about whether the European periodization that gives us a ‘Middle Ages’ should really apply in an entirely separate subcontinent. There are scholarly arguments for and against, but I opted for a line that goes more or less, “I am interested in everything happening in the world during the period of the European Middle Ages” and thus found reason to showcase some of the photos here. I very much hope that there will be future trips in which I can add more. For now, however, these were the posts:

  1. A Novice Views India, Part I: Divergent Fates for Places of Worship, featuring the (outside of the) Delhi Sultanate temple at Meenakshi and what is left of St Antony’s Dhanushkodi
  2. A Novice Views India, Part II: Pallava Temples at Mahabalipuram, where the title more or less stands by itself
  3. A Novice Views India, Part III: Uncertain Christian Pasts, on the cathedral of St Thomas in Madurai and its museum exhibits