Rome seen by an (early) medievalist

In September 2017 my partner and I went on holiday to Rome with her family. Rome is obviously mainly thought of as a city with Classical heritage, but in a series of photo posts I set out some time later to show that we see those Classical remains through the medieval remains which, often as not, altered them radically before preserving them. This is an index of those posts.

  1. Finding the Medieval in Rome I: ruins and cats, making the general point
  2. Finding the Medieval in Rome II: trying to be noticed in the Forum Romanum, on the Column of Phocas, perhaps the last imperial addition to the Roman Forum
  3. Finding the Medieval in Rome III: Emperor Hadrian, Defender of the Popes, on the Castel Sant’Angelo
  4. Finding the Medieval in Rome IV: Teaching with the Crypta Balbi, on the Pirenne thesis and economic change in the post-Roman Mediterranean as (badly) reflected by piles of ceramics in an excellent museum
  5. Finding the Medieval in Rome V: Fixing a Hole in a City Wall, on the Aurelian Walls and their updates during the Gothic War