In 2017 I went to China for the first time. I was shown a lot of medieval things and of course I took photos. Since then I have been back, and taken more, and they seem likely to keep accumulating, and so I thought a separate page was in order to collect those posts. This is it. The posts so far are these:

Trip the First, June 2017

  • Old China Renewed, covering the Temple of the Sea Goddess at Nánshā and Shāwān Ancient Town
  • A Forest of Steles, covering the Bēilín Museum in Xí’án
  • Monument to a Pilgrim, discussing the Great Goose Pagoda in Xí’án
  • Medieval Xí’án, covering the Ming Walls, the Great Mosque (Dà Qīng Zhēn Sì) and the Gāo Family Mansion (Gāo shì dà yuàn), all in Xí’án