Universities Are Not…

During the industrial action by UK university staff in early 2022 I wrote a series of angry analyses of where the sector’s problems had come from and why it was going to be difficult to solve them, which are collected on this page. There were originally six posts (cut down from a plotted eight!), but once I’d written the six, I realised I had further thoughts, which amounted to, ‘it’s the government that has to fix these problems, not the bosses, horrible though the bosses are being’. That made for a so-far-final post which is indexed here along with the others.

  1. Universities Are Not… : A Series of Strike Posts;
  2. Universities Are Not… Really Supposed To Make Money;
  3. Universities Are Not… Paid By Their Main Beneficiaries;
  4. Universities Are Not… Manufactories;
  5. Universities Are Not… Like Businesses;
  6. So Universities Are Not… The Probable Shape of the Future,
  7. and lastly:

  8. (Why) Universities Are Not… Giving Way To Their Staff.