All That Glitters…

Between 2014 and 2016, in the end, I was part of a team attempting to make new-generation X-ray fluorescence spectrometry technology tell us something new about the composition of Byzantine gold coinage, under the title, “All That Glitters… The Byzantine solidus 307–1092″. We got some money to do experiments on this, and a couple of publications came out of it, with more projected some day to do so. In the meantime, I wrote a series of blog posts about it, which have now moved off into the flow, so I thought an index page was probably in order. Here they are:

  1. Announcing All That Glitters
  2. All That Glitters, Experiment 1
  3. All That Glitters, Experiment 2
  4. All That Glitters, Experiment 3
  5. All That Glitters, Phase 4
  6. An Awful Lot of Numismatists in Sicily, Part II, including a report on the presentation of some of the material
  7. Chronicle II: October to December 2015, also including an notice of the presentation of some of the material
  8. All That Glitters, Experiment 5
  9. All That Glitters, Experiment 6 and Final
  10. All That Glitters, 7: the Slight Return

We do intend to do more with this work, and when that happens, I’ll add the notices here along with any other related posts!