Your guide to Jarrett-spotting at Leeds, and blogger meet-up

Yes! Never mind the usual namby-pamby whining. It has occurred to me that I have said that I will buy drinks for, apologise to, pass references to or generally try and find quite a number of fellow bloggers at the upcoming International Medieval Congress at Leeds. Some of these bloggers are anonymous or pseudonymous, and in one extreme case blogless. In several of these cases I have no idea what they look like and can only guess at gender of presentation. Rather than hit up a load of internet denizens for a/s/l and a photo, therefore, it seems like a better idea to make it clear who I am and then those reading can pick me out of a crowd and/or stay well clear as they see fit.

However, before we get to that, the ever-redoutable Magistra et Mater has suggested that, since between us she and I know of nine bloggers who will be there, some of whom are mutual friends, we should at least try and organise some kind of social, and she has posted to this effect. Plans to do this in some far-off location where anonymity might be protected are however hampered by the fact that the IMC venue is a good few miles from anywhere, that I’m presenting Tuesday morning and that at least one other blogger is running something Tuesday evening, while Monday evening is a bit crowded and Wednesday is the dance. So, one idea, which is open to modification over the next week, is for me to be in the Stables pub at Weetwood, which is likely to offer more privacy than the Bodington bar as well as better beer, from 20:30 on the Tuesday, and those that wish can find me there in whatever name or capacity they choose, and there will be bloggers other than myself but I’m not saying who. And if this isn’t guarantee enough, comment with contact details or a link to some and I’ll transmit you my mobile phone number so that you can double-check if we seem to be missing, or you want to know that we’re not doing shots of something dreadful with your chief rival or whatever. My e-mail can be found on this page (N. B. at Leeds I can only check this one, not any other you may have for me) so that should also work. Come gather!

However, for you to find me in the bar or wherever, you need to recognise me. Of course there have been pictures of me on the blog before, but as two carefully-chosen examples illustrate, the configuration of my hair varies over time so current information seems wise. Here, then, are four of the versions of the Jarrett most likely to be observed at Leeds this year, modulo a suit or similar in place of the Bevis Frond t-shirt:

'I'm sorry, I don't believe I know you.'

'Ah! sorry, I was afraid you might be a crazy person from the Internet.'

'Well, I for one would question that reading of the text...'

'Are you caffeine? If not, please step aside.'

I think that covers all the major possibilities, and may indeed save you most of the bother of actually conversing with me! Otherwise, perhaps see you shortly…

17 responses to “Your guide to Jarrett-spotting at Leeds, and blogger meet-up

  1. WordPress thinks your identity is possibly related to Star Guide Dog Puppy May. So there you go.


  2. text me and let me know — I’m staying at Weetwood, so obviously I like the idea of meeting up there :-)

  3. Have fun, all!

  4. I’ll hopefully drop by the Stables after Tuesday’s round table in amongst the chaos. Wednesday night I will be my other self (in journal mode)…

  5. Tuesday sounds good to me. See one or other of your expressions at the Stables.

  6. As long as it isn’t across from the ‘getting money for things feminist’ panel…

  7. Well, that seems to be established. I’ll see people there!

  8. oh no! didn’t see this till now and it is tuesday night and i am already back in leeds proper. hello though!

    • Ah! Yes, I was completely at a loss to remember your blog the several times I saw you and I wasn’t sure whether you were keeping your identity a secret or something so I didn’t accost you. In general I don’t accost people at Leeds. There were more than a few absences however, along with the presences. More on this when I have time to write up.

      • no worries! after seeing these pictures i did spot you once too, but was too nervous/distracted to accost you! maybe next time. it’s so funny meeting blog people.

  9. As previously mentioned – my apologies for failing to locate you at the Stables! I hope your Leeds was worthwhile. Catch you next time…

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