ZOMG I r fust lolhistorian

It would seem that I is less-than-serious historian, at least to the outside viewer…

I ar lolhistorian

And I wouldn’t post this necessarily, except that right now it seems that ‘lolhistorian’ is absent from the readily-searchable web:

Look no Google!

So if any further proof were needed of my academic originality, there, surely, it is.

No actually I have been really busy. Honest.

If, by some chance, you have no idea what I’m talking about, may I humbly suggest you go back to your Chaucer?

4 responses to “ZOMG I r fust lolhistorian

  1. have you tried lolhistory.livejournal.com?

  2. I hadn’t, but now I have. I am going to go easy with that, because rather than amusing me necessarily it causes the desire to compete… and I don’t think spending evenings in the innards of LolCat Builder is really my correct career move just nao, I mean now…

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