Conference-induced hiatus

I’m back at home for one day between two conferences, have sent twenty-odd urgent e-mails to try and coordinate things, printed and marked up a text and tweaked the Powerpoint to carry more maps, and have also attended a children’s concert; I haven’t had time to do anything substantive with blogs or books, and it’s been all I can do to answer comments here, I certainly haven’t had time to read elsewhere. I will get things moving again after Leeds, and report both conferences, but in the meantime have a couple of automated posts that I have already finished and I’ll see you in a week or so, unless I’ll see you sooner…


2 responses to “Conference-induced hiatus

  1. Ya lazy bum! :-)

    • All right, I admit it, I was in bed by two in the morning and here I am logged on only in part because I’m writing a book review before things heat up. I’m just not trying really, am I? :-)

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