Oh for heavens’ sake Internet! (Google Penance)

Let me borrow an admirable feature from Got Medieval, in which blogger extraordinaire Carl Pyrdum repairs the places where his blog has not answered the questions asked by those whom search engines have brought to it. This one’s fairly simple. Someone reached here from putting this question into answers.com:

Did they had sex in the middle ages?

I get too much of this stuff after a careless rant of long ago used both the words `medieval’ and `sex’, so I guess I must atone by filling this apparent gap in the interblag. Okay, this may not be news to the experts reading, but bear with me, apparently people need to know. The answer is: yes, yes they did. In fact we can prove this by induction. So your assignment, anonymous searcher, is: show that medieval people had sex starting from Descartes’s “I think therefore I am”. I’ll start you off: “I am, therefore…”

I’ll leave the rest to you and get back to banging my head on the desk now. Bonus points for correct conjugation of ‘to have’.


5 responses to “Oh for heavens’ sake Internet! (Google Penance)

  1. I can has sex?
    Sex – I has it!

    (just boosting your search engine ranking here…)

  2. But of course they didn’t have sex on most days: see James Brundage’s flowchart.

  3. I have seen nearly every variation of this via my sitemeter. Did knights have sex in the Middle Ages? Did monks? Nuns? Women? Priests? My favorite: Did the medieval Church have medieval sex? The blagoblag is a strange place.

  4. Lol, I’ve never checked those things and I’m not sure I want to know what weird questions draw people to my blog. But bet ‘did the Romans have sex’ is among them. Or something like ‘kinky Roman sex’. And with my most recent post, ‘Eva’s boobies’ would give a hit, too. :)

  5. Magistra, as ever you bring actual learning to the discussion, I’d forgotten that since Carl posted about it a while ago. Carl, you have only yourself to blame for your search hits. Henrik, you on the other hand are clearly boasting! Very medieval!

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