Serious work is involved in such a website

I believe there are a few people reading this blog who actually work on medieval Catalonia, though I’m always surprised (and pleased!) to discover that it’s any use to someone who actually knows the field. One such person however has put up this site, Cathalaunia: la Catalunya abans de Catalunya, and it may be of some use to the rest of you. It is, ineluctably, still under construction, but given the author’s intentions that’s not surprising: it will be years in the making. Already present, though, are massive and well-larded bibliographies for the prehistoric, Iberian and Roman, Visigothic and early/high medieval periods, the last especially being full of stuff I didn’t know and linked to online copies I didn’t know existed in several cases. There is also a section on Judaism and one for Varia that I expect will branch once it builds up a bit. There are even full-text transcriptions of some sources, and here of course there could be a lot more; I gather that the maintainer is trying to negotiate the release of data from some of the big publication projects, but since what there is is fully indexed, there would still be a lot of work to do. It’s a pretty serious endeavour and you may want to have a look. You may even want to mail the maintainer and ask if you can help. It is already useful, but with more people involved it could be hugely so…

11 responses to “Serious work is involved in such a website

  1. clio's disciple

    Thanks for the link!

  2. I wonder if he’d take contributions from someone who doesn’t write Spanish? It’s kind of rude IMO to go to someone’s website and use another language. I have a couple of Visigothic sources he doesn’t have entered – English translations.

    • Hi, of course I will be happy to accept other languages contributions.
      Just send me by mail the books references, and I will enter the info in catalan in the bibliography section.
      The website language, by now it’s a catalan only one, (too much work to enter english / french translations for every page). But in the Documents pages, (Documentia.D?????) there are ‘Traducció:’ sections where translations from latin to any other language will be of great value.

      Thanks for your interest!

      • I just sent you two – one’s a translation of King Sisebut, the other is a translation of the Historia Wambae regis – the topic of my first blog post.

        This looks like an excellent site with potential to be even better – you have my admiration for all the work you’ve put into it.

      • I do wonder whether the Institut d’Estudis Catalans might be persuaded to help, even if it’s only to link you from their site. This is a bigger plan than one person can tackle, really, but it has the potential to be, indeed may already be, something that they could be pleased to associate with. And then other sorts of help might follow…

        • That would be great, of course! They are a first quality academic institution, AFAIK the number one in catalonian history & language. Maybe in the next months I have the chance to talk to someone there…

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