AFK past and future

Hullo there and sorry for absence: the furore around getting the new exhibition set up at the Fitzwilliam and various other things, some of them good and some of them bad, have kept me from getting as far as the blogosphere. And now it’s going to happen again, because the Museum are sending me to Madrid on a courier trip. All right for some eh? It would be lovely were what I should be doing instead not so urgent. But I’ll try and come back with some pictures. And also, I have things to write about, not least one really interesting hearing I just stumbled across today for an entirely other reason. And also I have, as you might expect, some things to say about this… So, stay tuned! But not till Friday I fear…

Also, I don’t know what’s going on here but currently WordPress’s write-new-post page is crashing every graphical browser I can throw at it. This was written under lynx on a remote Linux server. This is a particular kind of difficult, I hope you appreciate my going to these lengths to complain at you…


6 responses to “AFK past and future

  1. I’ve been using Firefox without any problems. I don’t think I like their new media library at all. The older one seemed easier to use.

  2. Oh, fine. Just hie thee off to Spain! Sometimes, I really would trade jobs with you … But I’d have to be far more scholarly! :-)

  3. Ah Lynx off a linux server!! The good ol’ days! My first online journal, a literary mag housed off a unix box was lynx based! Good times, good times.

    Now about all this globe trotting you’re up to……

  4. ADM, my job is as a glorified database monkey, there’s very little scholarly in it at all! But, even allowing for the state of the dollar, I imagine you’d have to take a pay cut to succeed me. I’m not saying there aren’t perqs, mind… Pictures will follow once I’ve got back to work on Monday and can get them off my camera.

  5. Jon, you should also come by the blog sometime, as one of the authors of the original the “Facebook” article posted a brief comment.

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