Metablog XV: blogroll pruning

I’m sorry for the slight hiatus here; there have been one or two issues, let’s just leave it at that, and while I did get most of a post done on Sunday there wasn’t time to finish it. It should appear this Sunday and then hopefully we’ll be back on track.

However! Meanwhile, apropos of a prompt from someone who wanted to be added to it, I have been having a look at my blogroll, and it turns out that I had not done that since, er, some time in 2016. Oops. In the meantime, one or two sites have revived, which is great, but rather more have either gone entirely, gone private or gone quiet. (I was especially sad to see the hopefully temporary ends to activity at In the Medieval Middle, Modern Medieval and The Adventures of Notorious, Ph.D., Girl Scholar, as well as others noted a while back, but on the other hand, I understand about not having time to blog, I do.) Anyway, I have gone over my list and deleted whatever was no longer accessible and unlinked anything where people haven’t been able to post this year, so if you are looking at that blogroll and follow something, at least now I can be reasonably safe in assuring you there’ll be something of interest to read. Hopefully the same will also be true here in a few days!

8 responses to “Metablog XV: blogroll pruning

  1. Beachcombing, alas, has decided to concentrate on the fairies at the bottom of his garden. He’s a fairysceptic, but still!

    • Eh, he’s still entertaining, I can’t go unlinking someone just because they’re being entertaining in a different field, not in these dying days of blogging… But having just had a quick catch-up with his posts, I suppose a greater interest in the supernatural is a common reaction to a brush with mortality…

  2. I had to renew my blogroll when I migrated to self-hosted WordPress this year! I use one obelus to mark bloggers who have dropped off the web or gone to That Other Place, and two to mark bloggers who have died.

    I miss the days when the open web was a great coffeehouse, but those days gave me material for four journal articles and a book so far. And writing and publishing those articles and that book are in my power, convincing others to act on my concerns with corporate social media is not in my power.

    • Well, you were one of those I unlinked because of you having gone private, but you were very much not alone in that decision. I’ve so far not removed any dead bloggers as far as I know (except the Emperor Antoninus Pius, kind of an edge case), but of course I don’t know why all the silences have occurred….

      It took me a long time to work out how to turn blog material into publication material but it has now happened, and I have hopes of more. Even without the feedback, this remains a useful way to try formulating ideas before putting them to the test of submission; but it’s better with the feedback, so it’s good to have people commenting even on something as mundane as this!

  3. Must . . . produce . . . content . . . thanks for keeping me on! I am not going to be always and only a garden blog these days, but you know how it is, you can write posts in your head but typing is actually necessary to get them on the blog!

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