Where Have You Been, Jarrett?

It would be reasonable to ask where I have been, and the answer is basically, on holiday in Wales. I did mean to have some blog written up before I went that I could schedule to make things run uninterrupted here… but I didn’t manage to fit it in to the preparations. And it is a quite important tenet of my holidays these days that I don’t take a computer, and so once we were in the car that was it for two weeks. Sorry!

Now, actually, quite apart from all the backlogged content, there is news to tell. One part of it is that, as of tomorrow, I am on research leave for a semester, so firstly will be returning to the long-stopped book on Count-Marquis Borrell II of Barcelona (and Girona, Osona and Urgell), and secondly may have time for more blogging as well. There is also further good personal academic news. But that must be saved for a future post, because first, as sadly all too often, firstly there is bad news about someone else, which I must prioritise and which will appear here within a few hours. This is just a newsflash to alert you to the imminent resumption of blogging. I hope things have been OK with you all!

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