Upcoming activity!

Marking is over for the season, and suddenly a whole fleet of tiny toy boats that had been submerged by its extent bob back to the surface of my academic bathtub, or something. (I’m sorry, I’m not actually completely well just now but I’m not sure it excuses that metaphor. Let’s press on shall we?) One of these is really quite soon, and I do realise that if you’re in London this coming Monday you probably already have plans. Nonetheless, doesn’t this look interesting?
Conference poster for Medieval Women: comparative perspectives, Birkbeck, University of London, 17 June 2019
I am more interested in the other papers than my own, but then I know what’s in mine. Very alert readers may recollect that I have done something similar in the past, but since then it has been through a bit on the way to forthcoming publication so it will be more definitive now, and meanwhile the other papers all promise some very interesting perspectives and, well, not dialogue, is it, because that’s two voices and there will be many. What’s the Greek here, anyone?

Still, it is quite short notice. So you might also want to be notified, especially if you are already going to this year’s International Medieval Conference at Leeds, that so is the Rethinking the Medieval Frontier project, in strength, with four sessions running the whole length of Tuesday 2nd July. Details are up on our blog and we would very much like you to come along!

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