Reannouncing Inheriting Rome

Coins from the exhibition Inheriting Rome at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts

All in the display somewhere except the older of the cartwheel pennies!

Probably only one person reads my blog so closely as to notice this, but the backlog has actually advanced to the point where the ‘sticky’ posts on the front page that I have been using to hold current events and news until I get back up to date are beginning to disappear, back into their rightful place in the chronology. More will soon follow, but one of the ones just gone retains a currency (ahem) that I thought worth just putting before you one more time. That is the post that announced my exhibition in the Coin Gallery of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham, Inheriting Rome: the imperial legacy in coinage and culture!

Coins from the exhibition Inheriting Rome at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham

You see, although it was enforced by the university term, I left the Barber’s employ at an awkward time in their calendar. My replacement, none other than my erstwhile right hand in the post, Maria Vrij, was not in post until the very end of September, leaving her not many months to come up with a plan and order all the stuff for the next exhibition, then due to open in very early February. I should say that I think that exhibition will also be great, but the solution to the timescale problem meanwhile has been to let Inheriting Rome run on until the 25th March 2016. So if you didn’t visit yet, or would like to again, there is still time! I shall hope to see your name in the visitor’s book.

3 responses to “Reannouncing Inheriting Rome

  1. I remember happy times in engineering lectures in the BI between 1983-6. I loved the Byzantine coin collection.

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