Declaration of Intent II

OK, it is clear that my existing routine for updating this blog is not working. I won’t go into the details of that, as my obsessive-compulsive-like symptoms don’t deserve that much publicity, but let us simply say that the slot I have carved out for dealing with the internet for fun, behind reading and teaching prep, is simply never getting reached in a typical day. This might not have mattered when I had less of a social life but happily that has been one of the positive changes of the move to Birmingham, and not one I’m willing to sacrifice. Yet neither do I want to sacrifice the blog, even though its readership holds steady in my silence (thankyou); it has for its quite long existence been one of the most rewarding bits of being a medievalist.

So, a change is needed. Consequently, I’m going to try now to post new stuff at weekends, irrespective of whether I’m managing to stay up with other blogs or my other correspondence. I hope that this will start to clear the ridiculous backlog and get a bit further towards currency, and also give you various new and old followers something to, y’know, actually follow. So, let me just brew up, then the first one should be coming your way shortly.


7 responses to “Declaration of Intent II

  1. What a lovely writing and thinking space you have!
    Also, I thought of you recently when I saw your name in the acknowledgements of the historical fiction novel, _Hild_. I imagine the author wouldn’t have been in contact with you if not for the blog, so there’s one of the rewarding bits and benefits of the medievalist corner of the blogosphere (perhaps more for her than for you, but also for her readers).

  2. Make sure the brew is strong, but don’t squeeze the tea bag!

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