Leeds IMC 2013: bloggers’ meetup

I lost momentum for a few days there as I focused on getting my paper for this year’s International Medieval Congress ready, but with that done I’m ready to go on reducing backlog, as who could not with encouragement like this? But first, matters of more immediate moment! By ancient tradition it has fallen to myself and Magistra of Magistra et Mater to try and coordinate a meet-up for the bloggers at the IMC. This year Magistra has done all the work but in case you’re not already reading her blog, or Kathleen Neal’s similarly excellent one, I echo the announcement here: there will be a meetup on Monday 1 July at 9 pm in the Terrace Bar at Leeds University Union. (There is a PDF map here.) If you run a blog or inhabit them in comments, do come along and have a beverage of some kind with us. But please bear in mind that some of the participants may not wish to have their academic identities linked to their online ones, so we’d ask you to observe discretion on that front. Anyway, I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

IMC recognition photo

State of the Jarrett

Should you need some point of recognition, by the way, Magistra has posted a photo of herself, and I think this one more or less resembles my current state of hair and disquiet (albeit that it hides the ponytail, which may help to know as there aren’t usually many men with them). So look for one of us and then join in if you like!


3 responses to “Leeds IMC 2013: bloggers’ meetup

  1. Sorry you got attacked by Professor Halsall (WIMIHTIA)*, who once again conclusively refutes his own argument that only a virtuous person can be a good historian. But the bloggers’ meet-up should be good, with some new as well as familiar faces there.

    And I have finally taken the plunge and officially de-anonymised myself on my blog (or at least on the About page). Because if I’m going to give papers on topless nuns, it’s a bit late to worry about having any academic credibility left.

    *Who Is a More Important Historian Than I Am, as he once felt the need to point out in a blog post denouncing me.

    • Well, no publicity is bad publicity, they say. Actually bad publicity about me would probably be easy to generate, but I don’t see that this was it! But your paper was perfectly rigorous and worthwhile and you gave bareback nun flagellation barely twenty seconds, as I recall, so I think you do yourself down on that score. Meanwhile I shall try to work out whether I now have to change how I refer to you en blog

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