Declaration of Intent

I have been extremely busy since more or less late December, and you have presumably noticed things slowing up around here as a result. As of roughly yesterday, though, almost all of the most pressing tasks are dealt with and so I’m looking with distress at the extent to which I am Behind With the Internet. That means here and e-mail, but here is especially ridiculous because of the number of almost-written posts I have sitting as drafts. And it reflects badly on me because if this blog is supposed to function either as publicity for my brilliance and endeavours or as an outreach effort bringing medieval studies to a wider audience, it does neither of these things especially well if its content is a year backdated. Therefore I declare a period of dense blogging ahead. I am not going to say anything crazy like a post a day, though if I did do that it would still be October before I’d caught up, you know, but you can expect far more frequent posting for a while now. So you have been warned! First up, a resumption of my prolonged engagement with the work of Michel Zimmermann… Stay tuned?


9 responses to “Declaration of Intent

  1. In terms of the 2012-2013 academic year’s worth of IHR seminars, I’ve now blogged on:
    (Autumn term): Jinty Nelson, Erica Buchberger, Marek Jankowiak, Annette Kehnel, Sinead O’Sullivan, Edward James
    (Spring term): Etienne Renard, Robert Houghton
    (Summer term) Simon Corcoran

    Of the other ones’s I’ve heard, I’m also planning to blog on the seminars by Zubin Mistry, George Molyneux and Roberta Cimino. (I probably won’t be blogging on Marie Legendre, not yet sure about Katy Dutton and Faye Taylor, which may depend on whether my notes still make sense). Obviously, none of this prevents you also talking about them, but just so you know.

  2. Hello Jonathan – I’ve been a keen reader of your blog for a while and just thought this was a good opportunity to say that I’ll look forward to your forthcoming blog posts.

  3. heh. me, too. Did you get my email, btw?

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