Don’t go away

It has been ages since I found time to update here, I know. Sorry! Life has been interesting, mostly in good ways though not ones that belong on the blog, and I have been quite busy too but the thing is, it’s not that I am swamped in teaching and examining though enough of that is certainly around, but almost the opposite; I’ve actually got time to read and so have basically been completely lost in charters for most of the last few weeks wherever opportunity has arisen. But I’m nearly done with the reading of this section, the less intensive processing phase will shortly arise and so very soon I expect to reach the stage of catching up with the Internet. And all that reading will make for some interesting posts, I hope! So: don’t go away. In the meantime, “here is some light music“, so light in fact that…


6 responses to “Don’t go away

  1. I liked your comments on the BBC story.

    Enjoy the reading!

  2. GoogleEarth needs to update Strangford Lough to label its islands, including Dunnyneil. I did find it, though, given its “sunglasses” profile.

    As for the reading, I find myself doing the same thing: deeply immersed in reading charters, Domesday, and other resources for imagining the Wessex landscape in the 10th century. I keep meaning to post what I am finding, but then get drawn into reading something else, ordering more from InterLibrary Loan, reading more….

  3. Aha. So you haven’t died and been eaten by Alsatians! That’s good to know. I was just preparing to do a check of the hospitals…

  4. It’s taken a little more than a month but I am at last caught up with reading the blog entries here for the last 11 months. Whew!

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