Name in Lights III: a small thing but my own

At the end of 2010, though suddenly I had all the publications in the world, I was a bit worried that now there was nothing much left in the pipe and my CV would have a nasty gap for 2011. So, alas, it proved to be; my sole print output other than a one-page two-paragraph piece about this here blog in the faculty magazine was the review in Fornvännen of The Reception of Medieval Europe in the Baltic Sea Region, ed. Jörn Staecker, of which I wrote here when it emerged.1 2012 has already been better than this and I’ll get to that in time as well, but for the moment, I should also let you know that because of the enlightened (and privately-funded) way things are run at Fornvännen that review is now online for free here, if you like, and indeed if you don’t, so you could have a look if you were interested or bored or both! More substantive comment during the week I hope…

1. Which makes my 2011 bibliography, complete and unabridged: J. Jarrett, review of J. Staecker (ed.), The Reception of Medieval Europe in the Baltic Sea Region. Papers of the XIIth Visby Symposium held at Gotland University, Visby, Acta Visbyensia XII (Visby 2009), in Fornvännen 2011/1 (Stockholm 2011), pp. 64-65, and Jarrett, “A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe” in The Oxford Historian Vol. 9 (Oxford 2011), p. 60. World domination of all print media can only be a few steps away! And why yes that does mean some pieces spent all of 2011 “in press”, “forthcoming” and so on but I’m telling you we have got this beat for 2012 already. Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Name in Lights III: a small thing but my own

  1. Charles de Vries

    “Oh, Jonny be good” (see below)

    • Given my limited opportunities, I don’t think I have a lot of choice in the matter! I owe you and many dozens of people mail with work in it, all will at some point be answered I promise.

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