Name in prints II & VI part two: where to buy my works

Yesterday, because of various bad travel choices I won’t burden you with, was one of the most exhausting days I’ve had in a long time and today I am surviving only on coffee, for which I must principally thank a learned colleague; also, too many books currently on my reading piles have chapters of over a hundred pages in and only a few can possibly justify this. What all this means is that I have no time to write substance for you today, and instead I’m just going to resort to blatant advertising. Of recent weeks it has become possible to buy more of my work online than was previously the case, so, here’s the details.

Cover of Jonathan Jarrett, Coins in Collections: Care and Use

Cover of Jonathan Jarrett, Coins in Collections: Care and Use

In late September 2009 I published a little booklet on coin collections and the looking-after thereof. This gives me some sadness just now as Mark Blackburn wrote a good third of it and insisted he should not be credited, but, be that as it may, actually a number of people have been after knowing where to buy it. I am happy to tell those people that it is now available postage-free for £7.99 from the Fitzwilliam Museum’s online shop here, and if that link doesn’t work, a search for “Jarrett” in their search box will turn it up. I hope that’s useful and I’m sorry it took so long.

Cover of Deyermond & Ryan, Early medieval Spain: a symposium

Cover of Deyermond & Ryan, Early medieval Spain: a symposium

Then more recently and more on my actual topic of study, in late 2010 a volume I’d been awaiting eagerly came out, that being no. 63 of the Queen Mary University of London series Papers of the Medieval Hispanic Research Seminar. This too is tinged with sadness in as much as it bears the name of another dead scholar we have good reason to miss, but, it is a thing of joy in itself, containing as well as myself waxing lyrical about the weirdnesses of the uncontrolled frontier beyond early medieval Catalonia, Jinty Nelson wisely setting early medieval Spain in a European context (which is very rarely done), Ralph Penny asking how many languages early medieval Iberia had, Wendy Davies being sage and clear about counter-gifts and Rose Walker making sense of some of the manuscripts of Beatus’s Commentary on the Apocalypse, as well as much more, of which quite a lot by Andrew Fear. I think it is a jolly useful little volume and it will set you back a mere £16·15. Further details and a purchase link can be found here. So there you have it, commercial over and I will return in the next day or two with more thoroughly academic content.


10 responses to “Name in prints II & VI part two: where to buy my works

  1. Congratulations. The first one doesn’t interest me since I don’t plan on collecting coins – seriously cool cover though. Kudos to whoever designed it. I’ve wishlisted the PMHRS book, though I really should slow down my book-buying for a bit. It looks quite interesting.

    • The cover design, and the rest of the design too, was by a woman called Ayshea Carter, who deserves high praise for it; the whole thing is pretty snappy, which has about as little to do with my text as you can imagine, though I did make most of the images (including that one, though it looked different before she worked magic on it). The PMHRS volume actually is pretty neat, I think; I would say that, obviously, but actually even the papers I’m less interested by would be in your kinds of area I suspect, late antique men of letters and so forth.

  2. highlyeccentric

    Curt’s right, that is a really cool cover design.

    *passes more coffee, and possibly a biscuit*

  3. C’est tres bien. An American would be less humble and one such has challenged you to a zydeco contest. ;-)

  4. Congratulations, Dr. Jarrett! I was one of the Americans in your European history tutorial at KCL in 2007. Just want to let you know that the essays you assigned (and the feudal transformation magimix!) are coming in handy now as I revise for my general exams. So thank you! And congrats again!

    • Zoe! Does that mean the field has got you back at last? Good for us! I hope it does well by you and let me know if I can be any help. And good luck with the exams, not that you’ll likely need it as I recall!

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