Blogger meetup, new Cliopatria piece

Leeds International Medieval Congress masthead

I am running things about as close to the line as they can go currently and have no time to organise or write a number of things that I would like to. One thing that must be written is that there needs to be organised the Leeds blogger meet-up, since there seem to be rather a lot of us attending, some from very far away, and it would be a real shame if nothing was done to celebrate this. As the two people who usually wind up proposing this, Magistra and I have conferred and decided that it suits us best—and if we’re organising I think that is allowed to be one of our priorities, don’t you? so glad—to gather bloggers, blog-friendlies and commentators at the Stables pub on the Tuesday evening, say from six till eight, at which point I imagine several of us will want to go and visit the St Andrews reception. So there it is, now you know and we shall hope to see fellow practitioners of this, er, well, practice, there.

[Edit: dagnabbit, bother and drat, it would probably be a good idea to include some identifying information. My academic website has a picture of me on it that is current, which you can see full-size here. There are no known photographs of Magistra, but as she suggests, I’ll probably be making more noise so you’ll see me first anyway.]

Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

The other thing that needed to be written, or at least reported, is a very small part in the current move of no confidence by English universities against the government’s higher education policies (or rather, their ever-changing suggestions of what a policy might look like that justified the funding cuts they’ve already made), a part already reported in brief by Historian on the Edge. I since wrote about it at Cliopatria and you might like to read it. Meanwhile, see you on the other side of Leeds!

10 responses to “Blogger meetup, new Cliopatria piece

  1. highlyeccentric

    I can do that! I think. I don’t actually have access to a program, it conveniently arrived in Sydney the day *after* I flew out. I do know I’m going to a performance of the Carmina Burana that night, but not until 2100, so meetup should be grand :D

    • If it wasn’t the Carmina Burana I’d feel fairly safe in saying that the St Andrews reception would still be going when you got back, but Orff might just outlast them. Oh, but I see it’s the actual poems, which does make more sense. I don’t know about that. Hurrah all the same for international blog confabulation!

  2. Drink a pint for me. I won’t be back in the UK til Sept/Oct.

  3. Huzzah! All my chairing and presenting will be done by then. Line up the pints. :-)

    P.S. @highly – the program is here ( if you are in transit but have online capabilities!

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