Name in print VIII

Fornvännen issue 2011/1

While I assemble things for Kalamazoo and generally panic about marking deadlines with which it clashes, there is this late but still fresh piece of news: I have a review in the year’s first issue of respected Swedish archæological periodical Fornvännen: Journal of Swedish Antiquarian Research, 2011/1, tackling, as was once mentioned here before, a volume of conference papers about the Europeanization of the Baltic in the twelfth to thirteenth centuries, to wit: Jörn Staecker (ed.), The Reception of Medieval Europe in the Baltic Sea Region. Papers of the XIIth Visby Symposium held at Gotland University, Visby, Acta Visbyensia XII (Visby 2009). My review is on pp. 65-67, and is the only thing in English in the issue apart from abstracts, which I find quite amusing. I had fun with it, a small thing but mine own. It will presumably be online before too long as that’s how Fornvännen operates. This leaves me with only two more things forthcoming, I have to get some stuff submitted! But the flow should continue sporadically for just a little while yet at least.

Statistics: one draft, one revision, time between first submission to print less than two months. I have sung the praises of the editor before but I think that says more than I ever could. Thankyou!


7 responses to “Name in print VIII

  1. *clears throat quietly*

    regarding editors and paper collections?

    • A fair and sore point. I have a big editing project here that has, for various reasons, to be with the press by the end of June. After that I have sworn a great resolve to take the lead once more on that as my collaborators are not doing their bit, sorry.

  2. Oh — and duh, well played, sir!

  3. Thank you for writing for Fornvännen, Jon!

  4. A piece in Fornvännen! How cool is that!? :) Well, I look forward to reading it once it becomes old enough to go freely online via the FV web site. :)

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