Vaig a Catalunya!

Replica of Ictineo II, first successful submarine

Not my chosen mode of travel, alas

I’ve booked tickets and hotel, I guess I’m going. Which means I ought to say something like this:

Salutacions als meus lectors catalans! Estaré en el vostre païs bellic a la commençament d’abril. Del quart d’abril al novè, seré basat a Vic, i al onzè seré en Barcelona. Si algun dels meus lectors vulgui em encontre, pugui fer contacte amb el vostre autor via la adreça electronica a aquesta pàgina de web. Desprès trobaré com terrible es el meu català parlat! (No mento; jo puc recordar un temps i potser cinquanta paraules… Espero ho ameliorar.)

For the rest of you, what this means is that, working kit permitting, there will be a lot more photos of Catalonia here next month and I’m probably about to buy a few more books…

P. S. It was a wooden submarine powered by a chemical-driven steam plant that made its own oxygen. Also it worked. There is no more steam-punk than that.

30 responses to “Vaig a Catalunya!

  1. Those are incredible. How did I not know of them? Thanks so much for posting that photo!

    • It’s a case of ahead of his time, as far as I can see; no-one wanted to buy the thing, even after he stuck a cannon on top, so they were scrapped, and now there are replicas all over the harbour area of Barcelona…

  2. Hmmm … your Catalan must be bad if I can understand it!

    • Not so! You have French and Latin, s’all you need, I started reading it without training in 2000 just because of that. (Also, oh my dog that was eleven years ago now aaaggggh.)

  3. If Catalan is similar enough to Spanish that quart and novè mean what I think they do (Spanish cognates) then I won’t miss you since I’ll be in Mexico during the same period. Have fun!

  4. Your catalan is … ‘curious’, but still better than my english! :)

    I hope you have a good time in this Old Catalonia country!

  5. “There is no more steam-punk than that.”
    Very good.

  6. very jealous – have a great time

    seriously cool sub there –

  7. Cullen Chandler

    Excellent. I was just in Barcelona for a while. That, following a busier than expected fall term, helps to explain my drop-off in visiting this site. But I’m back trying to keep up again!

    Oh, and while I’m here: is your book out? I need to get my hands on a copy.

    • Yes! Came out on December 16th, and I would have expected that several people must have you in mind as a reviewer, really. You should absolutely try EME, get the mud flying…

      At least this last term I have been writing less than usual, if anyone were really minded to keep up this should have been the easiest term to do so in. I hope Barcelona was beneficial!

      • Cullen Chandler

        Oh, good. I did put a word in with EME, and got a nice reply. Just no book in hand at this point. I suspect I’ll need it in the course of finishing up my own overdue work!

        • Kind of you to say so! I tell you this, you will recognise a lot of the names from your SMRH piece. We seem to have found a number of the same people interesting, though not always read them in the same way.

          • Cullen Chandler

            Good. I look forward to reading the Big Thing. You have beaten me in the race to get the book out! (But I wonder if it might also be kind of cool to get the second word.)

    • Interjecting here. I saw an announcement that you had received a study grant to spend some time over there. A very belated congratulations on that and I hope it was profitable (I’m sure it was).

      • Where did you see that? It’s not even slightly true! The closest I can claim to that is that the British Academy are paying some of my plane fare to Kalamazoo this year. How strange…

        • Cullen Chandler

          Not to presume, especially on someone else’s blog, but perhaps Curt meant to address me. I did have a small grant from the Program for Cultural Cooperation–some kind of arm of the Spanish government in consort with US academicians–to spend time and money in Barcelona. The very positive side was that I got to go. The negative, if one can call it that, was that I had only a couple of months and not enough time or money to go to anywhere outside of Barcelona. I’ve long wanted to go to Vic, Girona, the Pyrenees, etc., but never had both time and money.

          And, Curt, if you’re still interested in a discussion of aprisio articles on your blog, and patient enough to wait still longer…

          • Aha, yes, I saw that come through News for Medievalists and was pleased for you! and yes, sorry, that would be me failing to read the discussion in a threaded view, my bad.

          • Cullen had it right – sorry, I should have been a bit more specific. Though Jonathan, I’m glad somebody’s offsetting some of your costs. That ocean-hopping can get a bit stiff. Probably why whehn Purdue sends me to an International Conference it’s in Kansas City.

            As for Aprisio, have at it – I promise not to get hysterical this time. ;)

            • Yup, since writing that I’ve discovered other sources of funding also so I should actually be able to cover it from other people’s pockets except for beer and pizza. Hurrah!

              • Pizza’s food – where’s the problem? And as for beer, when you’re extremely tired or extremely hungry, it’s a great source of quick carbs which can provide as much of an energy boost as any power bar – the first one anyway.

                • This is the the disadvantage, if any, of putting this stuff through a collegiate system where people know each other face to face; they’ll spot any attempt to milk the research funds and call me on it. All these lines will be familiar to them :-)

  8. Are you there yet? Say hello to it from me! I lived there in 1976-77, on Montseny near the Plaza del Sol. I send greetings to all beautiful old old buildings in Barcelona and Catalunya!

  9. :-) Tell ’em to check out this blog:

    It has all these Catalan poems sung by Catalan singers. :-)

  10. Your wonderful Barcelonan submarine reminds me of a crazy children’s book – Emma Tupper’s Diary, by Peter Dickinson. It’s the best solution to the Loch Ness Monster evah!

    • I’m faintly surprised that no-one has actually floated a monster-shaped submersible in Loch Ness. I mean, I presume they haven’t because the sightings would be more frequent if they had, and I also suppose it would be impossible to keep secret, but it seems like a prankster opportunity badly missed, all the same.

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