Tenthmedieval is four and has been for a little while

I think that the last post takes me out of the November backlog and into the end of last year. There are three seminars I want to record but two of them can be done together, and that leaves only three other Decembran things, which I don’t think can easily be combined without missing important stuff. This is the most trivial of the three (and therefore quickest to write), and it’s something that is looking likely to happen every December: Martin Rundqvist, who is more awake than me, posts something celebrating the anniversary of his blog Aardvarchaeology, and I promptly realise I’ve missed that of A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe. We are now into the fifth year of operation here, which I am actually quite amazed by.

Healthy blog!

This year WordPress mailed out a statistical summary of their blogs’ visitors to each of their owners—Saesferd at Antiquarian’s Attic and Magnus Reuterdahl at Testimony of the Spade have put theirs up if you’re interested—and supplied code to turn it into a post. I didn’t want it on the front page but if you’re interested in exactly how much traffic I get I’ve set it up as a hidden page. I won’t be rude enough to give the actual numbers here, but I will just do some meta-analysis.

  1. Overall, the number of page-views and individual visitors has sunk back a bit this year, though it’s still quite enough to keep me happy. I think I probably put this down to me just not posting as often, so that people who visited frequently or from the LJ syndication also didn’t do so as often. I doubt this is actually a drop in readership, which I suspect has probably risen given the increased number of people I know who’ve mentioned reading—thankyou to all of you! This is why I carry on, after all. But it’s interesting how the best we can do with statistics on something that’s entirely based around computers is this kind of guesswork.
  2. This year is faintly remarkable in that my most-viewed post was actually, I think, viewed by people who were after the information in it, although that information was pretty much ‘did Ridley Scott make up those medieval landing ships or what?’ Otherwise it’s all been people searching for pictures, of a motte-and-bailey castle (of which I hardly have a good one, but that’s because when I searched there was none better so perhaps that’s still why), Solomon’s Temple, or of course, Český Krumlov, which still goes on albeit at a reduced level. By and large most of my websearch traffic is, therefore, nothing to do with what I write, but the Crusades essay still gets its traffic and the websearching is not, by a long way, the largest part of my traffic. So that’s changed, over the years.
  3. 580 posts! It seems out of hand somehow. I need to back it all up again!
  4. And finally, thankyou again for reading. The year has seen some genuine academic impact I’ll talk about shortly, and this is not my only source of peer approval any more, but it’s still one of my favourites. I aim to keep writing stuff I hope you’ll be interested in for the foreseeable future.

13 responses to “Tenthmedieval is four and has been for a little while

  1. Magnus Reuterdahl

    Congratulations afterwards: D

  2. Hey, happy anniversary!

  3. Congratulations – I enjoy your commentary very much and am delightd you have continued blogging even with your new job. Knight’s Landing Craft was a VERY cool post and I too would happily cross the Atlantic to see that re-enacted (which makes me think of how much easier it is for us now to cross the Atlantic than said knights) but I especially liked the Bede post which inspired me at the time to go back and re-read some Bede. He does inspire an affection from his readers, doesn’t he? Much I’d bet like the affection your commentaries inspire in your readers.

  4. Aw! I am touched; I doubt there is any way at all in which I compare to Bede except perhaps pedantic chronography and a willingness to rant about politics to clergymen… Thankyou all.

  5. Happy Bloggiversary. Here’s to the next 580 posts. :)

    I was up to 600something but after refocussing the blog, deleting most writing posts and merging short posts into fewer but larger ones, I’m down to 536 now, since May 2005.

  6. Congrats!! Good seeing you. M

  7. Yay for you!

    By the way – slightly less ‘yay’: I see you have drawn the short straw for a second year running… namely, the 8.30am time slot on Sunday at the ‘Zoo. Still, forewarned is forearmed!

  8. Happy bloggiversary! I hope this year will be a good one both for you and the blog.

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