Carnivalesque leftovers and other fine webnesses

Sorry, yes, actual content will return shortly, in the meantime may I distract you with some links? There are a few things I wanted to include in Carnivalesque just gone, and didn’t, because I’d already used content from that source or because it just didn’t fit or whatever, and then there are also a few things that have cropped up since. Here goes!

That’s it for now, back shortly I hope…

4 responses to “Carnivalesque leftovers and other fine webnesses

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  2. Hi Mr Neil Oliver, I am your regular tv series follower, i was very interested into the history of Forthwiallim in scotland. Some things were left out, presently. I would like to have your present list of history list of things if you do@nt mind. My e-mail address is below code sukh.

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