CFP: Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies conference; also, want my job?

No time! I somehow managed to write a paper in six hours flat yesterday that means I will not embarrass myself next weekend, at least not too much. Write here, however, no, not really. So instead let me point you at a couple of things on the web that you may wish to know about. Firstly, the estimable Kathleen Neal asks me to mention “the upcoming biennial ANZAMEMS (Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval & Early Modern Studies) conference”, whose CFP closes very soon (3 Sept). “This time the meeting is to be held in the South Island of NZ”; for more details see the conference website at:

Their CFP reads as follows:

We would like to encourage papers and panels in the broadly-defined academic disciplines of medieval and early modern studies, including but not limited to history, literary studies, music, art history, theology and religious studies, cultural studies, philosophy, science, medicine, maritime studies, performance studies, gender studies. We particularly welcome and encourage papers from graduate students and early career researchers.

Proposals for full panels are very welcome. These should include three proposed speakers, and, if possible, a chair and/or a respondent. Individual papers will be grouped with two others. Parallel sessions will last an hour and a half, which means that papers should be no longer than 20 minutes each to leave sufficient time for discussion.

The final deadline for proposals is 3 September 2010, but early submissions are encouraged. Proposals should contain a title, an abstract of your paper (200 words), and your name, contact details, and institutional affiliation.

Participants who need to make travel arrangements are welcome to submit their proposals early and the convenors will assess their abstracts promptly.

Proposals should be sent to:

Then secondly, you have all been really nice about the new job, thankyou. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there who might want the old one, but, if you fancy stepping into my shoes at the Fitzwilliam Museum, the post is now advertised here. That’s all for now: next, I hope, pictures of Siena and Florence.


10 responses to “CFP: Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies conference; also, want my job?

  1. Thanks Jon. The more the merrier!

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  3. “Participants who need to make travel arrangements” Amm, since the conference will be held in NZ, are there any participants who don’t need to arrange their travel? :)
    But it’s surely a bit harder to receive the money what covers the expenses (tickets!) for such conference, than for one held in Europe, or maybe even in the US….

    • Depends where you start from I think! Several of my most valued commenters here are from Australia.

      • Even Australia is quite far from NZ, that’s for sure! ;)
        Still, it’s one of the most wonderful places on Earth…on the other hand however, I can’t say I know anything about the research goes on there about Medieval times…

        • Well, I can recommend you to the blogs of Bavardess, Stephanie Trigg and The Naked Philologist and the webpages of Kathleen Neal if that’s a question that deeply concerns you :-)

          • Well, in my field of interest the vast majority of research goes on in Eastern-Europe (mainly Russia) and in the US, so maybe I’m a bit narrow-minded. Still, I’m quite interested in the research of such places where it’s not raining always, and/or you’ll not freeze during wintertime :)
            Hmmm…and 8 years ago I was wondering that why my cousin and her husband went to Hawaii to do some cancer research, despite that for such work I’m sure Alaska is a much better place :D Maybe medievalist do the same, sometimes ?:)

            • Obviously I work on Spain strictly because of the unusually good preservation of records, and not because of the food or sunshine or wine at all. (And in fact, records will show that it rains when I go there. Bah.)

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