Skirting Vulcan’s cough I return to the forge

Ash cloud tinged sunset over the River Severn

Ash cloud tinged sunset over the River Severn, 15 April 2010

I promised you a post, but this is not that post. This is just a warning to say that that post may be delayed. I have had a lovely time in the USA, meeting many great people and many useful people and a fair number who were both, being guided through the experience by generous bloggers and others, swearing at early-morning geese and thankfully discovering a source of decent tea, buying books and flirting with publishers, and maybe having the odd drink here and there. All this will be fully recounted, I promise, at least those bits of it fit for publication here. And I am even fairly functional after the experience of transatlantic flying, having managed I think to convince my body simply that I have a had a series of long nights short on sleep, which is true, without it much caring when that sleep was.

However, I return to find harassment from my book’s editor, two more sets of proofs in my INBOX with an e-mail apologising for their ineluctable urgency, a job to apply for and, worst of all in several ways, the need to mobilise resources in aid and recognition of an important academic who has been a huge help to many many people including me, and who has now been diagnosed with a fatal health condition. (I can’t give more details about this; those who need to know do, and this sort of thing doesn’t belong on the open Internet.) I also have a swathe of people I need to e-mail and of course, a load more things to blog about… It will all happen, but please bear with me if it doesn’t happen promptly. And thankyou to all the people who had kind words to say about the blog and my work (even to the one who told me they’d downloaded my thesis and been surprised how good it was, given the blog…) and who helped make the conference so much fun. Ye shall have your write-up! Just, not straight away, sorry…

10 responses to “Skirting Vulcan’s cough I return to the forge

  1. Love the photo. It would happen to have been taken near the Village of Uley, Gloustershire would it? Spent some time there several years ago and remember the great views over the Severn valley found a few miles up the road.

  2. Vulcan? Some sort of jǫtnar, I should think ….

    • Nah, Jules Verne told us it’s all joined up underneath the surface and he wouldn’t lie! Therefore, at the very least Vulcan and yer Norse smith dwarfs are sharing an apartment…

    • Also, dammit, I’m slow on the uptake: you are now blogrolled, and I shall announce you in some forthcoming post!

      • Ah, yes, after a random false start or three, I have enblogged myself more solidly. Topics are not necessarily medieval, but there is at least a trend towards posts on language and culture in the pre-modern world!

  3. Jonathan,

    I wanted to mention that I enjoyed meeting you last week – even though it was fairly brief. Hopefully everything went well. I enjoyed your paper. Strong paper in a strong overall session.

    • Thankyou, Curt, I was sorry not to have a better chance to chat to you in fact. Glad you liked the paper, I didn’t actually spot you in the audience but there was plenty of space to hide…

  4. Lovely meeting you last week, J, and I’m glad you made it home in one piece — though I’m sorry to hear that such chaos awaited you on your return.

    • Thankyou, on both counts! The chaos was only slightly worse than when I left it, but I think that at time of writing I am on top of it… I hope our paths cross again.

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