Note to self: Francia is online

I’m sure I have noticed this before and forgotten, so I write it here so that I don’t forget again. The premier fat journal of French-based German-intensity historical exposition, almost always with significant early medieval content, is online from vol. 1 (1973) to vol. 33 (2006) care of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München, who also bring us the digital Monumenta Germaniae Historica and a variety of other sources. All praise to them, and will I please remember this now.


5 responses to “Note to self: Francia is online

  1. How did I not know this? Thanks!

  2. I only found out recently that recent volumes of Speculum are now online(via CUP journals). Not free, of course, but for all those of us who previously either had to wait 5 years for the stuff to be available on JSTOR or actually go and find a hard copy in a library, still useful to know.

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