I want to use this for all my teaching from now on

The Hoernersburg LEGO Castle

The Hoernersburg LEGO Castle

The only problem is that I would fear for future students starting to cite it. But seriously, I was trying to websearch up an illustration of a monastic refectory and could find nothing more illustrative on the web than this:

Refectory of the Augustinian monastery of the Nativity, Hoernersburg

Refectory of the Augustinian monastery of the Nativity, Hoernersburg

Because actually that is quite good, albeit not strictly contemporary I grant you. The whole site is very much worth a look; they’ve got a castle, a cathedral, a monastery and a small town and the detail (as well the scale of conception) is incredible. We might, mildly, wonder whether we can wholly endorse a castle that includes an alchemist’s laboratory (I mean, shurely it would be called a workshop or studio…) but since it also includes a LEGO cesspit I think that, really, we can. And really there is hours’ worth of boggling at determination and detail to be done here if you’re so minded. I still might not direct the students here (though I gather that some are reading, hi there) but as far as fun with medievalism goes this is top-notch.

Boat travelling up river at Hoernersburg

Boat travelling up river at Hoernersburg


9 responses to “I want to use this for all my teaching from now on

  1. My friends and I in graduate school really wanted to be historical consultants for Lego. Someone beat us to it. You should also check out the Lego bible-the brick testament

  2. highlyeccentric

    I want. That is SO COOL. (Definitely beats the one crappy set of Girls Lego i had as a kid!)

    • I seem to have met, in my adult lifetime, a small but powerful number of women who resent not having had LEGO as children. I realise that toys are gendered but that one always puzzled me because, of course, you can build anything you like out of LEGO so it ought to be open to all gender ethics. However, apparently construction of any kind at all is ‘male’ in toy-buyers’ minds, which given the developmental importance of building blocks and stacking cups and so on is really annoying. Oi! patriarchy! no! and so on.

      • highlyeccentric

        In my parents’ defense, my brother and I shared gender-neutral Duplo and basic lego, and with my general lack of co-ordination or spatial awareness I wasn’t exactly your prime candidate for more complex lego! Pity, I was always interested in the *playing* with lego part. My brother had pirate ships and x-wing fighters, those were fun.

        • They have gone much more towards toys-that-stay-together than they did when I was young, this much is true, and Star Wars seems to be what alerted them to the fact that this might be a good idea. Anyway, sorry to mistakenly include your parents in a careless generalisation there. I blame lack of sleep.

          • highlyeccentric

            *waves hand* Oh, no offense on that one. I really don’t know how much of my lego-less-ness was to do with my lack of mechanical aptitude and how much is gendered. I *do* know how much mechanical aptitude is gendered, though! My housemate and I had a frightful time putting together flatpack a couple of months ago, and there’s *no reason* why men should be any better at it than us, except for lack of practice. Perhaps had I spent more time with lego, the flatpack might not have taken us all weekend…

            • I think flatpacks probably require exposure to Meccano, or some other tool-dependant toy. But I guess any form of putting things on top of other things is probably helpful.

              • highlyeccentric

                I live in fond hope that, at some distant point in the future, Monty Python will constitute a large chunk of what remains of 20th century film and television. The thought of bemused scholars trying to figure out what’s Very Clever Inter-textual References and what’s just batshit mad warms the cockles of my heart :D

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