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April will, I hope, not be the cruellest month this year, because it will see the outcome of really quite a lot of effort this month. Yes: March is definitely going to be the fullest month, whatever April does. July will push it but as far as I can currently see March looks like this:

  1. Five lectures, eight seminars, two revision classes, twenty-plus essay tutorials
  2. Sixteen essays to mark
  3. Eleven days work for my main paymasters
  4. Three institutional dinners
  5. One haircut
  6. One symposium at which I’m presenting
  7. One interview at the other end of the country from the teaching I’m doing the next day
  8. One other job application so far
  9. Zero time for anything else

And I hope I am not going to have any months busier than this for a long long time. It’s a bit much. I have therefore just put the blog on automatic. This post will have gone up as the first of several scheduled ones—I have four others written up that will follow at intervals before the 16th, when I shall hope to be back in control. If I’m not, though, then there will be a necessary hiatus. In the meantime, I shan’t be around to read other posts, moderate comments, shovel spam or argue with Cullen. Please be nice and don’t be afraid to talk amongst yourselves. I’ll be glad to be back when I can spare the time again. Thankyou as ever for your support and interest…

5 responses to “Running on automatic

  1. OK, readers, we’ve got his blog! What weird but classy thing can we do with it?

    • I think we could start with a few warm-up rounds of Medieval Awards. Here are a few categories to start with, give you own recommendations or add some more categories:

      Best book on the Middle Ages I’ve read recently: Mayke de Jong’s Penitential State

      Best book on the MA I’ve partially read recently: Chris Wickham’s Framing the Early Middle Ages

      Most important book on the MA I still haven’t read: Georges Duby’s La société aux XIe et XIIe siècles dans la région mâconnaise

      Medievalist I most enjoying hearing speak: tie between Peter Brown and Stuart Airlie

      Best seminar paper heard recently: Alice Rio at the IHR on self-sale, (which I will blog about in a little while).

  2. I think my best book read recently would have to be William Chester Jordan’s _A Tale of Two Monasteries: Saint-Denis and Westminster in the Thirteenth Century_

    Medievalists I most enjoy hearing speak would possibly be David Bates.

    Best seminar paper: Nick Karn on the Leges Henrici Primi

    Can I add a seminar I have enjoyed teaching and that has made it all worth while category? The answer would have to be claimants to the throne in 1066 in the manner of a bad court room movie!

  3. Well, gesta, I didn’t know about the William Chester Jordan book, but now I’ve got to get it, at least for the University library. I bet he’s got more than a few things to say about Matthew Paris, whom I am interested in now for classroom purposes. Jordan’s book on Saint-Louis some 30 years back made a big difference early in my teaching career. And yes, I’ve run into him in Kalamazoo and told him so.

    I am terrible on these kind of best or favorite thing lists so here goes.

    Best book I’ve read recently but not about the Middle Ages: Reading Lolita in Tehran, by Azar Nafisi. Better than anything I’ve read about anything for a long time.if you insist on something medieval, I ended up enjoying the old translation of Matthew Paris’s English history much more than I thought I would after the first hundred pages.

    If Stuart Airlie can tie with Peter Brown, I want to hear him.

    Since I’ve been on sabbatical and have been hiding out from academia, I’ve missed some good sounding seminars at Nipissing University. I will go back to last year when a classicist colleague, Richard Wenghofer, talked about the racialization of Athenian identity in the fifth century BC E.

    If I haven’t read it,how important can it be? Seriously, I draw a blank.

  4. You guys are great, thankyou for picking up the baton here. I’ll join in once I’m free of the last worst bits of the hect.

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