Dammit! Forgot! Tenthmedieval is three

This time last year I wasn’t writing content well ahead of publication time, and thus I noticed when the blog’s anniversary clicked over. Well, not this time: on December 14th 2009, A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe began its fourth year of existence.

Last year I did a kind of retrospective on the year. This year I have at a couple of points been quite close to hanging the whole thing up, but readership and authorial creativity then began to recover and I recognise this now as that particularly dangerous dæmon that, when something bad happens that you can’t change, looks round for something innocuous that you can. My misgivings about the utility of this whole process continue to loom large; my continual feelings that someone will call me on stupid things I’ve written that I don’t have time to properly proof lurk, background-wise, to be called out by hostile commentators; but I am still enjoying writing, enjoying that I am read and enjoying the extra value that you brave commentators bring. So, here’s to another year, let’s see where it takes us, and given then delay in saying as much, a Happy New Year to those of you on appropriate calendars too!


20 responses to “Dammit! Forgot! Tenthmedieval is three

  1. Happy anniversary. Many more.

  2. Happy anniversary! I may not be one of your faithful commenters, but I am (and hope to continue to be for years to come) a faithful and regular reader.

  3. And a happy new year, too!

  4. Your misgivings are ill-founded. I for one would miss your blog were it to cease – it is always interesting, often thought-provoking. A Guid New Year to you.

  5. Happy anniversary, happy new decade, happy palindrome (02.01.2010) day. With that combination, how can you give up?

    Thanks for all you do.

    • As an expat Brit living somewhere they write the date differently, are you going to celebrate both instances of Palindrome Day or just one? and if either, how?

      • Well, y’know I meant to type 01.02.2010 but clearly became horribly culturally confused…

        I celebrated by not giving up blogging (I came perilously close to enjoying the holiday hiatus far, far too much)–and also drinking a splendid bottle of Barolo.

        • I think you should seize the double opportunity, myself, all that ‘power of and’ stuff. But yes, I’d observed you were back on Gemæcca again at least for a bit and so I have re-en-visibled it in the blogroll. (I may also have been drinking, though not as well as you alas.)

  6. Also, thankyou and Phil for your encouragement; I didn’t mean that to read like a fishing for compliments, as I thought I’d explained there that my thinking of hanging it up was in the past, but I see that it’s more ambiguous than I meant. Well, don’t worry. It may be changing its purpose over time, but the effect will be the same; you’ve not got rid of me yet :-)

  7. Jon – so glad you didn’t hang up the keyboard in 2009. Happy New Year, and bring on more tenthmedieval!

  8. Congratulations! And count me amongst those who are glad you didn’t give it up, though I’ve found it thought-provoking to read about why you might have done so at various points.

  9. Happy anniversary! I’m glad you’re going ahead with the blog.

  10. heptarchyherald

    Happy anniversary! I’ve been reading your blog almost that long! I do hope you make it to Kalamazoo this year!

    • Well, I’m on the schedule and ADM will be very disappointed if I don’t come up with the paper I promised her… though I promised it before I got the teaching and it will be something of a desperate effort. But, I will be there.

  11. And again, thankyou all for encouragement, it’s really very flattering!

  12. Happy New Year, and happy blog anniversary. Add me to the list of people who are pleased you didn’t give up.

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