Stock take, part III: nearly there

OK, after some time away back to vaunting my own efforts that you can’t see yet because for some reason or other they aren’t in print yet. This time we’re onto the ones that do exist but just need those final articles or touches to be incorporated and somehow this hasn’t happened yet. This is definitely my growth area, sad to tell…

  1. “Uncertain Origins: comparing the earliest documentary culture in Carolingian Catalonia”. This was a Leeds paper in 2007 and it deals with the fact that Catalonia has a definitely local charter culture that seems to appear almost fully-formed in the records, which all start to survive only some time after the Carolingian conquest except at Girona, which was always a bit different. Girona is therefore the best way to see this in development, but I haven’t done that yet; that’s one thing that needs doing. The other is to read Michel Zimmermann’s huge book on the Catalan charter material, though thankfully only one of its huge chapters, and really I should also read a shedload of formularies and skim some Meridional charter collections, but I’m hoping that Zimmermann will have saved me a lot of that work. I hope this mainly because I will look very silly if I can’t come up with a final version of this by Christmas, because this is the paper of mine that’s going into our book of our Leeds papers, which I am in some sense editing, so although until the last contributor finally coughs up a text mine isn’t really due, it becomes necessary immediately my INBOX bulges with that missing file, and it would at least be good form to make the deadline I set myself. So this is really my number one priority outside current paid work, modulo a couple of really trivial things to be described next (and last) in this series, and it should help a lot with “Critical Diplomatic” too.
  2. “Neo-Goths, Mozarabs and Kings: chronicles versus charters in tenth-century León”. Now this one exists, in full, because I gave it at the Institute of Historical Research a while ago, but it was huge. So I broke half off and submitted that as “Arabic-Named Communities”. The point of what remains is to argue that because we have these people all over the then-capital of Asturias-León the anti-Muslim sentiments of some (but not all, whatever Kenneth Baxter Wolf may tell you) of the Asturian Chronicles ought to be placed elsewhere or elsewhen. There is quite a lot to read on this subject and it relies on “Arabic-Named Communities” being out first if it’s coming out in the English-speaking world where everything has to be under 10,000 words including footnotes. But, it might travel OK in actual Spain if I play it right, and so my plan is to work up a version I’m happy with and then send it to a friendly Spaniard who knows the debate and the field and ask him to tell me candidly what he thinks I ought to do with it. As yet no schedule for this because all the other things that do have schedules.
  3. “How to take over a medieval archive: the new monastery of Sant Pere de Casserres, 1006”. This year’s Leeds paper, and essentially complete because there is almost no secondary work on the monastery in question and what there is I now own. Sadly, there is some archive work I need to do before I can be sure I have no gaps left open, but the relevant archive is perhaps the only one in Catalonia that can answer e-mail enquiries, so this would be simple enough to do if I would just get round to making the time and go to Catalonia already. This becomes more and more important. Then it’s just a run-through and submit but first I have to get my hands dirty with eighteenth-century regesta in Vic.

So OK that looks more optimistic than I had thought: one of those will be done fairly soon whether I like it or not and the other is mainly a matter of booking holiday time, flights and a hotel in Vic. The middle one could even be said to be done, though there’s an awful lot I could read if I wanted to (and I do, of course, but, time.) Somehow I manage to make what should be simple complex, though, and there are in fact even easier scores than these still in the bag…

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