Name in print II

Cover of Jonathan Jarrett, Coins in Collections: Care and Use

Cover of Jonathan Jarrett, Coins in Collections: Care and Use

It’s only 48 pages, it’s not peer-reviewed (though it’s been repeatedly gone over by local experts) and I won’t be putting it on my academic C. V. because I look enough like a numismatist already on paper; but, this now exists. I’ve held it, I’ve given copies to people and, since the Museum and the project of which this was part gave 650 copies away at the recent International Numismatic Congress, I’ll likely be giving more away yet; it’s extremely doubtful that any of the print run will be be charged for. Do you have curatorial responsibility for a coin collection, or want to work somewhere where you might? Speak up, you can have one; it’s a best-practice guide for such people and we are quite literally giving ’em away. This will probably accumulate a large readership than anything else I ever write (elsewhere than here…).

As long as I’m taking credit I ought to give some too: Mark Blackburn is behind much more of the text than he wishes to acknowledge (ha!), Klaus Vondrovec in Vienna and Achille Felicetti in Florence both contributed a lot of material that I recycled, and the classy-looking design is entirely down to Ayshea Carter. You all rock. Now, back to medieval history…

15 responses to “Name in print II

  1. That is awesome! Congratulations!

    I for one would’ve flaunted that on CVs, business cards, Facebook profiles, family gathering name tags, you name it (but I did spend one -but only one- semester just staring at a small subdivision of Hellenistic coins so maybe I’m biased as to the coolness of coming off as a numismatics).

  2. Jonathan

    I picked up the book in Glasgow, read it cover to cover, loved it, learnt a lot from it. Is it available for the general public to buy?


    • Ah yes, your review on Moneta-L was forwarded to me, thankyou for the good word. Unfortunately I can’t yet answer your question, but when I can I will ensure that Moneta-L is given the answer too.

  3. How do curators and curator wannabees get your book? Will you by any chance be at NYINC?

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  6. I was wondering if it is still possible to get a copy of this book? I am a collections manager with the National Numismatic Collection and would like a copy for my personal use as well as a copy for the department.

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