This title is final

My first book will not be Pathways of Power in late-Carolingian Catalonia: charters and connections on a medieval frontier, but will also not be Social Relations and Political Control in frontier Catalonia before the year 1000. Instead, our final version is:

Rulers and Ruled in Frontier Catalonia, 880-1010: pathways of power

I get to keep my obvious search term, they get to avoid the `colour title’ and ensure its being recognised by library people buying on spec without interest, and fundamentally I get to drop the matter and move on. In an unprecedented step, I’m closing comments on this post, because I have been more than a bit frayed trying to meet all requirements on this. I don’t want to know whether people think this solves it or not: I just want you to know that this is what it’s going to be and have done with it for a while. Also, it is necessary to explain why the title’s been retconned throughout the blog again. If only I could do the same with the stuff forthcoming in print. Oh well. I think this is good enough and I dare say I shall be happy enough with it when it finally exists in paper form between my hands. This, by the way, is looking like March or April 2010. The official line is still February but I don’t see how that can be now. Still, stranger things have probably happened. Message ends.

Sant Andreu de Tona and the Castell de Tona, probable cover image

Sant Andreu de Tona and the Castell de Tona, probable cover image


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