Playing article tennis

I’m sorry blogging has been somewhat sporadic and self-referential here and elsewhere just lately. I have been catching up on various backlogs in the real world, though despite my best efforts, which I’m about to renew, I’m now more than a month behind with personal e-mail and nearly a fortnight with work mail. Apologies if you’re waiting in that queue. Just too much else needing doing at the same time… Y’see, in March to April I managed to finish quite a lot of work and send or give it to editors. And since then five papers have duly come back for revisions. This is making me realise that I had a very lucky run of it with my first article, which essentially had one editor’s meeting before going in to the print queue. (The second one of course had no revisions at all but that wasn’t necessarily something I wanted.) Four of the ones I’m currently dealing with have been back and sent out once before, and one of them was a second submission as well, so even longer. Most of them need extra reading and checking and they need it in an urgent timeframe. And there are two reviews as well, which are both late now. Enough to do in the evenings and weekends that other people also want some of.

So I’m batting them back as fast as I can, in between other people’s demands on my time, and occasionally doing some new work as well but not that often. (I am also learning cartography for academic publications the hard way, which is probably the most time-consuming thing.) At some point the editors will stop rallying and I’ll manage to get all of these papers down across the net where they can’t do anything but print them. And really, I know they as much as I are concerned with making sure that the work is as good and powerful as it can be. But when the mail comes in for another round it’s hard not to see it as an opposition that has to be beaten, and this particular match is taking a long time.

Also, I have a cold. So blogging is likely to stay sporadic for a while I fear. But I will try and make sure that what is posted is up to my standard, such as it be. Right, enough whining.


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