Metablog VI: series pages

You will observe, if you’re looking carefully, that the uppermost part of this blog now has new links on it. This is because I was just beginning to draft a post about the first of this term’s Earlier Middle Ages seminars at the Institute of Historical Research in London, and I realised that my Seminary series is now up to 46 numbered posts. (I also realised that those numbers were often wrong, but let that pass.) I have a lot of these ongoing series; in fact, this post is one of one of them. In the past, wise men have counselled me to gather the various series into ordered lists so that people can find all the parts—indeed, one has gone to the effort of doing it for me—and it suddenly seemed like time to do some of that.

So up there are, for starters, the conference reviews, the seminar reports, and also the collected travails and hair-tearing I’ve done under the “Feudal Transformations” series, which doesn’t mention Magistra’s post on the theme but probably should. These will continue to be updated when those series are added to, and may perhaps make things easier for those of you who are actually using this blog for academic purposes, heavens help you.

Okay, that was all, thanks and see you shortly…


4 responses to “Metablog VI: series pages

  1. Ah…indexes do make us happy. Now when are you going to index your Catalonian stuff? :-)

  2. But, but… that’s pretty much the whole blog! The page would be the longest thing on it…

  3. Thanks for those – they make the site much easier to navigate, and I’ve been able to catch up on a lot of seminar summaries that I otherwise would probably not have happened upon!

  4. Glad to hear it’s helpful. My biggest problem with the blog format as a historian is that the chronology is reversed :-) These pages help me with that.

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