New post at Cliopatria (“a bit political, I suppose”)

I dithered over whether to put my latest venting of spleen here or at Cliopatria; here, because it’s not really got anything to do with history (not that that usually stops my colleagues at Cliopatria); there, because it’s not tenth-century or medieval but about the state of the global Academy and how we feel safe from censure or the police. But dammit. A lot of stuff has gone down lately that should make us all angry. So I got angry and wrote something and in the end I put it over there at Cliopatria, maybe you would like to read it.


4 responses to “New post at Cliopatria (“a bit political, I suppose”)

  1. Charming as it is to once more be your anonymous source, you got SchadenFred’s pension pot wrong. He has to make do on a mere £693,000, not £300,000, el pobrecito.

    Otherwise, grand post!

  2. Anger is good. As they say, “If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.”

    • Yes indeed. Unfortunately I don’t have the kind of analytics at Cliopatria here so I can’t tell if anyone clicked the link that I put in the post through to a Flickr post somebody put up of a graffito saying that…

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