Anselm Day at the Bodleian Library

Illustration from Bodleian MS Auct. d. 2.6, fol. 156r

Illustration from Bodleian MS Auct. d. 2.6, fol. 156r

Oh dear. Almost as late as my previous conference announcement, this, but, though I shan’t be going it may be that some of you would like to know about this, a study day at the Bodleian Library in Oxford entitled Early Manuscripts of Anselm: a discussion with five manuscripts, to be held on Monday 27th April, from 10:30 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. in the New Library Seminar Room. The webpage there linked says firstly that Richard Sharpe, Michael Gullick and Teresa Webber will all be speaking, and while I’ve not met Dr Gullick I can say that Richard Sharpe is an excellent and erudite speaker worth hearing on almost any subject. “Space is limited, so registration is essential,” they say, their emphasis. so if you’re interested you should e-mail: is your address of resort. My own content again tomorrow. Hat tip for this to the ebullient Kathleen Neal.

2 responses to “Anselm Day at the Bodleian Library

  1. Just for the record Michael Gullick is an independent scholar, who knows more about all aspects of English twelfth century manuscripts than anyone, with the possible exception of Neil Ker, and whose generosity matches his learning.

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