One step closer to Heorot

You know how there are things that people offer for sale which you have to buy simply because they exist, and in some cases, because no-one else will believe you that they do unless you can show them? One such is now on my wall, and here it is:


Now, class, I want a medievalism paper on this by midday next year…

7 responses to “One step closer to Heorot

  1. Dude, awesome. Where’d you find it?

    • Damn, there was meant to be a link through the image; fixed now. It’s one of the prints sold by a guy who does a web-comic called Scary-Go-Round. As yet, this scene has never featured in the comic, but plenty of other oddities have…

  2. highlyeccentric

    Beowulf vs Red Bull: Anglo Saxon Heroes don’t need no caffeinated soft drinks!

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