Things on the web

A few miscellaneous things of note…

  • It’s nice to see someone else reading Brigitte Bedos-Rezak, particularly when it’s about ways to tackle Duby’s picture of the family. She seems to have managed to work seals in again, but then it’s been my experience that she sees more social history in sigillography than almost anyone who does it… From Nat Taylor’s Genealogist’s Sketchbook.
  • I have been working unusually hard lately. In one particular ten-day period I got to submission state three different papers, a pamphlet and a book and nearly alienated a dear friend by being completely socially inaccessible. In this process, however, these two reactions to the peer review process and how to play it amused me greatly… From Edge of the West, which doesn’t feature on my blogroll because is not medieval, but of which I have learnt through Cliopatria, and from Acadamnit, which isn’t medieval either but is very funny, as long as your inner child still allows you to enjoy copious and voluble obscenity deployed as rhetoric anyway.
  • More medievally, OMG secret Crusader tunnels under Malta! I expect Dan Brown to be visiting soon and have my crossbowmen standing by. From Archaeology in Europe.
  • And finally, less medievally though the originators thought otherwise, William the Conqueror’s time-travelling phrasebook, reported in a few places, has now been properly exploded by the one and only Carl Pyrdum. Good.

4 responses to “Things on the web

  1. I do believe “copious and voluble obscenity deployed as rhetoric” is one of the nicest compliments I have ever received!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that! And it’s not something I would say of all your posts, but that one earnt special regard…

  3. That is pretty marvellous, thankyou. I have to get back to that country again soon. Possibly not quite that far off the ground… Pity about the xenophobia in the comments though.

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