Seminar schedules for upcoming term

I see by dutiful checking that this term’s schedule for the Institute of Historical Research’s Earlier Middle Ages Seminar has now been put on the web. I also see from it that we are now trying to claim the Third Crusade as early medieval, which I think is pushing it a bit, but I have no objection generally to the Early Middle Ages taking over everything obviously, and the question will merely be whether or not I can go that week. Some very interesting stuff, however, though oddly little that isn’t Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman or Italian. Anyway, I bring it to your collective notice. The February 11th date which is still marked as TBA here, by the way, I can tell you from a subsequent e-mail will be given over to Celia Chazelle of Princeton presenting on ‘Why is this feast different from all other feasts? Eucharistic ritual and belief in early medieval societies’.

Also, for those nearer where I am, you might like to be reminded of the Cambridge Late Antique Network Seminar which is continuing to present its all-star program this term, details here. I shan’t go to the first of these as it looks very like the paper Alan Thacker gave at the Haskins Society Conference, but given that I might be the only person in the world to attend both if I went, I wouldn’t want that to stop anyone else. So yes! Perhaps see some of you there, for the others, rest assured I will report.


4 responses to “Seminar schedules for upcoming term

  1. To be fair, Jon, it is called the Earli*ER* Middle Ages Seminar. I think it’s traditionally covered up to 1200, so X3 slips in. You could even just about claim X4.

    Don’t forget the LSMS, though, which also has a strong programme this year: It’s on the same days as Alice’s all-star line-up, but starts late so it is possible to do both.

    Looking forward to your reports.

  2. Hullo Theo, nice to see you here. It’s a long earlier Middle Ages however comparative you make it I think, but as I say I’m happy to see Early Medieval spread… I was reminded about the LSMS at Wednesday’s seminar (which, yes, will receive a write-up soon). Tuesdays are usually impossible for me, alas, but I will try and change this for Wendy Davies’s paper because it could hardly be more relevant to what I do!

  3. Jonathan,

    Will you be attending the IHR seminar on the 11th? I will be heading down to that and would suggest we meet up if you are in the neighbourhood?

  4. Hullo Linsey! Yes, I intend to attend, though I won’t be there until narrowly beforehand so the best idea might be a drink afterwards. This may also be constrained by other plans also involving a St Andrews alumna, in fact, so I shall check this and mail you. Of course there’ll be time to chat after the paper in either case.

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