AFK as promised: in marca hispanica iterum videndo

Tomorrow afternoon I am flying out to Catalonia, as I’ve mentioned, so things will be unattended round here for a short while. I should be back to regular blogging on the 12th, and I’ve got a couple of posts ready that I will schedule to go up while I’m away, but I won’t see comments or anything. I hope that the resumption of seminars, finishing some work and (camera permitting—it’s not well) photos of castles and so forth will make for better content than has been to have round here lately. I hope to go all of here (because of this), here (not because of this, though it should be, but because of this), here (because of this), here (because of this), here (because of the book, and also this again, and lastly back here because of a charter I haven’t told you about yet which will likely get a post to itself if I can get a look at it. None of this may be possible, because I don’t have the driver I had last time, but I aim to have fun anyway.

(And for more details see here or here.)

In the meantime, if you have heard or, better, used, the phrase “medieval warm period“, which is still more or less where I stand as an explanation for the By-Our-Lady Feudal Transformation, you may well be interested in this attempt to bring actual science to the question. I’m no scientist myself but it seems to me that they’ve either got a point or they’re lying (I mean ‘funded by vested interests’) and I think the point they seem to have fits better with the historical evidence, myself.


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