Julius Cæsar bids us start another one

The Winter Solstice is past, which is when the Earth thinks the year begins. The Nativity is past, which is when the Christian Church thinks the year begins. We are just about to catch up with the beginning of the calendar year, which is nothing much to do with either nature or cosmology and much more to do with Julius Cæsar’s best mathematics. So for the next few days you should be especially on the look-out for people asking, “What have the Romans ever done for us?”…

That said, the fact that we all have to learn to write new numbers on our letters or whatever still occasions reflection dunnit. 2008 was not the year I had hoped it would be for me. I had expected at least two and probably three papers out, and hopefully the book, and all publications I had hoped for have been pushed back to 2009 now, while the one that did come out wasn’t one I expected, or by then really wanted. There were hardly any jobs to apply for, and those for which I applied all remained silent and unhiring. And one particular personal disaster marred most of the rest of the year for me and it took me quite a while to start enjoying the good things that were happening, such as new friends and in some cases more, international travel and renown and so on.

But, look, it’s the end of the year, and now a new one is due, however you count it. I will be spending the early part of it in Catalonia, for Reis with my family out there, and hope to be climbing castles and finding charters for a short space of time, then returning to the UK for two friends’ wedding on the 10th, and finally resuming normal working life on the 12th, at which point I sink all my time into a definitely actually forthcoming publication, albeit a numismatic one, that should start the year off right. And of course all the stuff that didn’t quite emerge in 2008 is that much more likely to in 2009, and once the book is out I think I could plausibly hope for interviews again, and once the RAE restructure is public, people may start advertising jobs again. So while I have been down for 2008 I am setting up to be up for 2009! And I hope the readership out there experiences similar good fortune. Blogging will possibly be sporadic until I’m back in the UK, but it should thereafter be more interesting than it has been for a wee while. So there you go. Right-ho Julius old boy—reel it on…


2 responses to “Julius Cæsar bids us start another one

  1. You could always note Lady Day instead. Or Gregorian-modified-Lady-Day, aka the start of the New Tax Year.

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