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I’m sorry things have been so quiet around here lately. I’ve been adding (and removing) things from the sidebar and so on but everything I’m currently involved with that might lead to blog posts other than what’s on the web is of the long-term, whole-book sort of nature rather than the quick snappy reflection after a single paper. And of course there are no seminars because we’re out of term, and so on. There will be more here soon when I finish some of the reading, and most especially after I have been to and come back from Catalonia in early January. (Catalonia in early January… I must get some Wellington boots!)

In the meantime though, since I’ve mentioned things on the web, it may interest one or two of you to know that I have recently given my webpages a much-needed update. This has included updating information about forthcoming publications, of which there are now even more though sadly none actually yet existent (see moans in the blog passim). This time I’ve reluctantly included the solely-numismatic stuff I’ve done for the Museum as well as my mainline academic output, if only because otherwise I feel it looks to the sceptical enquirer rather as if I’ve been mostly idle this year just gone. Though I shouldn’t feel like that: four different conference papers, three of them written for the occasion, in three countries, a book and two papers entirely revised, etc…. All the same, actual final evidence of my activity is thin, and so the other things I have been up to are now there as well.

Also, you may see if you look closely that that page now has a link to this one, where you can find, if for some unlikely reason you want to, a PDF version of my doctoral thesis. This has taken me so long to do that the original’s pagination is irretrievably irreproducible, alas, but that seemed a rather feeble objection to just getting a PDF convertor and running with it. So next time I say, “you can look it up”, you will actually be able to fairly trivially.

In the meantime I hope you’re all having good and peaceful, or at least useful, holidays and I’ll see you in virtuo soon.


5 responses to “Webpage updates

  1. This means that the page numbers in the contents and most of the cross-references are knocked slightly off by the fact that in this version the text runs on by about five more pages. If you know of cunning ways (or even simple ways) I can easily fix this, do get in touch…

    Well, seeing that the problem seems to be with your version of MS Word I see two solutions here:
    1) Since you have CutePDF Writer, you could open the original document in Word (whatevah flavah) and fiddle with text size and/or line height until the page number fits and the references line up more or less nicely. These fields take quite a few decimals in Word if you type directly into the field instead of selecting from the drop-down. Not a beautiful solution, but it might work… or
    2) seek out the version of Word in which you produced the original text, install it on your box (or install CutePDF Writer on a box with that version of Word), print thesis to pdf, done.

  2. It’s not the version of Word that’s the issue, but the printer driver and its pet fonts that were involved in the page setup, and that’s what I can’t recover. The line height or font size options might yet work, and I’ll try it for next update. Thankyou!

  3. Never rely on hardware for layout!
    But you knew that…

    • Yeah, this was roughly how I found out that Word did rely on hardware for layout… but I hadn’t realised point size and line height would go to more than one decimal place, so there may be hope yet.

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