I’m not really here

Travelling to the USA for the first time since I was an infant, with a slot bang after the keynote to make my pitch: I feel I should have a bundle on a stick over my shoulder. What I actually have is too many words, too few handouts (I expect) and two transparencies, and some reading material… And I have delayed publication tools on WordPress to stick this up while I’m missing to reassure you that I have several shedloads of stuff queued up for when I get back. For now, however, I’m not able to notice your comments for a minute yet…

This paper was a pain to write. Something like this has been in my work for years, and I’ve rehearsed all the bits too often. I keep wanting to carry on with such-and-such a sub-story and squeeze it dry before starting the next, but the argument requires me to leave several encounters with the evidence ‘unfinished’ just to stay on thread and in time. It’s quite nice to have it done however. It needed a few books and papers:

It always gets like this when I'm writing

It always gets like this when I'm writing

See you all soon, and some of you IRL sooner…


4 responses to “I’m not really here

  1. I wish I could be there!

  2. Bon voyage! Wish I could be there so we could meet up!

  3. Welcome to America. If you get a chance(and you should try to carve one out), get to the National Archives to see our lovely, though faded and somewhat underused, Constitution. Other than that, please enjoy Haskins.

  4. There was an awful lot I’d like to have seen, but none of it that could justify the extra money I’d have had to pay to stay another day, or the effort involved in finding somewhere cheap to stay in DC from over here. At least I now know I do need to have another look when these factors can be surmounted…

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