Choose your revolution: a hard choice for a counter-culture medievalist

Godfrey of Bouillon, King of Jerusalem, with some of his knights

Really keen readers will remember me outing myself as a fan of loud rock music a little while ago by quoting a Motörhead song about the use of history, mainly because it existed to be quoted. Motörhead are playing Cambridge Corn Exchange on November 17th. Meanwhile, on November 17th, it’s Chris Wickham‘s Creighton Lecture on “The culture of the public: assembly politics and the ‘feudal revolution'”. And now of course I have realised that these are the same day. Am I choosing to be a rock’n’roll rebel or a feudal revolver? Well, let’s face it, I’m going to the lecture, but not without some annoyance at the clash. I’m missing another band I know and love by going to the Haskins Society Conference too, and to them I’ll have to explain myself.

To any prospective employers reading, let this assure you, not that I have only just acquired basic skills with a calendar *however much it might look that way*, but instead that despite my dodgy hair both head and sometimes facial, and despite also my weakness for using song titles as subheadings, when the chips come down, it’s Clio who has my heart not Euterpe or Terpsichore. Mmm, chips.


2 responses to “Choose your revolution: a hard choice for a counter-culture medievalist

  1. interesting. I also have been a motorhead fan since I saw them on “the young ones” in the 80’s. I got to work with them once in a previous career as a souns engineer. Lemmy stayed in the catering tent quietly polishing off bottles (yes, plural) of jim beam. he did, however, acknowledge my existance with a nod. eddie, the guitarist, emerged from the tour bus wearing disco shorts and fishnet stockings. odd, that. At the time, their drummer was Mikki Dee, previous of king diamond. I have no kind words for him. truly rude and classless human being. their roadies were very nice though. and the show was vveerryy loud. all in all, I would choose the wickham. “live at hammersmith” would have been the best time to see MH.

  2. I’m afraid Mikki is still the drummer—well, no I’m not, because he’s amazing on stage—but I’m sorry to gather he’s less so off it. Another guy from another band has a quote somewhere that I can’t find to the effect that all drummers have some personality problems, you just have to choose one you can live with…

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