Going away AGAIN

An Arius 3D scanner system

An Arius 3D scanner system

At rather short notice, I’ve been added to the program for EVA Vienna 2008, a cultural heritage technology conference in which a project team of which my department is part are participating. I’ve wound up being the one who has to present for us, which means firstly that I shall be AFK yet again (sorry) between August 26th and 28th, and secondly that I have to write a paper very fast. Since the deadline for inclusion in conference proceedings was in June (they do things differently in the sciences I tell you) I don’t know whether I get a publication out of this or not—it will not be my most path-breaking work if I do—but there seem to be lots of interesting tech-related papers on the program and it will be interesting to compare them with other digitally-related work I’ve been hearing about.

Never rains but it pours, etc. Expect reports.


2 responses to “Going away AGAIN

  1. hi i’m an archaeology student,would help me with some information

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